Silver Screen Modes is again awarding the Most Glamorous Gown Award for the Oscars red carpet in 2014. This award was started  for my previous blog The Silver Screen Modiste in 2009. Last year the award went to Jessica Chastain in an Armani Prive metallic gown.

Fashion trends have had their place on the red carpet, although the bigger trend lately has been the interplay between actor, stylist, and fashion designer. As stylists have taken on more influence, there have been fewer “what was she thinking” moments on the red carpet.  While the result has been an over-all improvement in the beauty of the gowns, their homogeneity has taken away the surprise factor in recent years. This started changing last year as fashion designers began working on custom designs for their favored clients. The more typical procedure in the past had several designs being submitted by a leading fashion house, or one where the stars and their stylists selected a runway design that was fitted for the star. Of course moody stars could always upset the plan and wear whoever they wanted, but nobody particulary likes being pictured on the Fashion Police as the “Worst Dressed.”

Fashion commentators are usually looking for trends, including color trends, on the red carpet. Color is always an individual taste, including, I’m afraid, being afraid to wear bright colors. Black, white, silver and gold, nonetheless,  are always striking Hollywood glamour colors and will always have a place on the award show red carpet, especially at the Academy Awards. Jewel colors can look amazing on the right complexion and hair color, and red is always a glamorous color. And surprisingly, a bright spring color works wonders on a cloudy day.


 Most Glamorous 1


Charlize Theron in a Dior Haute Couture gown with a plunging neckline accessorized perfectly with a Harry Winston necklace. The straps are a bit unusual but serve to draw the eyes to the curve of her bustline, and are finished with nude fabric over the shoulder. The train is magnificent, carried with a see-through tulle, and giving her the glamorous mermaid silhouette.

There were many fabulous gowns at the Oscars, some of which did not appear on the red carpet. Two other gowns deserve special notice.

Most glamorous 3 Lupita


Lupita Nyang’o in a custom Prada pale blue gown with a plunging neckline and very full pleated skirt doted with sequins.. The gown was custom made for her by Prada. She accessorized it with a simple white headband. Lupita won Best Supporting Actress. This was one of the the two most most beautiful gowns of the evening.


Most glamorous 2 Amy


Amy Adams in Gucci Couture navy blue strapless gown with bust-line flaps complemented by faux pocket flaps. Amy was inspired by the 1950s and Vertigo (Kim Novak was a presenter). and wore her hair  in the Madeleine bun.

Most Glamorous cate-blanchett Robyn Beck

Robyn Beck photo

Cate Blanchett in Armani Prive is the other most beautiful gown of the evening. The gold-colored tulle and sequined gown was described by Cate as “It’s heavy but I love it.” One reason it was heavy is that it was studded with Swarovsky crystals. Cate won the Best Actress Award.

The Best Costume Award was given to The Great Gatsby. I had early predicted this award for 12 Years a Slave. Gatsy was a dazzling costume movie. Since all Academy members vote for the awards, it oviously impressed many voters. The 86th Academy Awards impressed me by the quality of the gowns. Bravo to all.




  1. As I watched the ladies arrive and present last night, I was thinking of you, Christian, wondering which gown would dazzle you most. I was a little disappointed in the Dior Charlize Theron wore, the straps didn’t quite do it for me (though, as always, she was lovely). My favorite was Cate Blanchette in Armani. The gown apparently looks much lighter than it actually is.

    The Prada gown Lupita Nyang’o wore is stunning, but I don’t know if I think it quite suited her. My other favorites: Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen, Jessica Biel in Chanel, Meryl Streep in Lanvin, Kristen Bell in Roberto Cavalli and Angelina Jolie in Elie Saab. You might find this hard to believe, but I’m a fan of Lady Gaga’s style, and thought the Versace gown she wore suited her perfectly.

    What did you think of Emma Watson’s look? And did you have favorite or two among the men?

    1. You would make a great fashion commentator at the red carpet Lady Eve. I know that the Dior that Charlize Theron wore may not be everyone’s favorite but I pick “the most glamorous” which is why this one did it for me. Sandra Bullocks was also very glamorous I must say, and she was one of my previous winners. I really liked Jessica Biel’s but the flouncy embellishment at the top wrecked it for me. Kristen Bell’s Cavalli was another contender and I could have easily picked that one. I liked Emma Stone’s look. It was stylish and dressy enough for the occasion but still looked comfortable.

      For the men I liked Jared Leto in the white dinner Jacket (I usually wear a white jacket when it’s formal dress) and red bow-tie. Brad Cooper also looked great and classic in his Tom Ford black tux. I do think going with the jewel-colored jackets is a nice trend. Less so the ties for this event unless they really make a statement. Thanks for your comments Lady Eve

      1. Jared Leto’s look really stood out among the men, I thought. Of course, his flowing mane and angelic face make him very hard to overlook. I agree with you about Emma Stone. I thought her total look – gown, hair, makeup + a minimum of jewelry – was both individual and perfectly put together.

          1. Christian, I meant Emma Watson in that last comment, not Emma Stone. I have no idea what Emma Stone wore. Or Emma Roberts, for that matter – if she was there. Apologies for getting lost in the Emmas…

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